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Animals March Madness, Round One: Alpacas Vs. Raccoons

The final battle of round one! See the bracket here and vote at the bottom of this post!

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I just wanted to introduce you to alpacas.

HO / Reuters

I hope you have some time, because I could go on for HOURS. These littles fellas with spectacular hair are about to jump into your heart valves and stay there forever. Below, you can find just one image of a perfect alpaca. Every alpaca is perfect, though: THAT IS THE TRUTH! —Lauren Yapalater

Oh, hey, what's this? A baby raccoon with a cast? I'm sorry, did your heart just melt?

Sorry about that.

I'm sure you ~think~ you know about raccoons. Maybe you've heard some bad rumors about raccoons, but I think you just might change your mind about these wonderful little scamps. —Katie Notopoulos

Exhibit B:

Flickr: tcmorgan

UMMMM... That raccoon may look cute, but it probably broke its legs and arms while sneaking into your garbage can and dumping the whole thing over. On the other hand, here is an alpaca smiling at you. Its sole purpose in life is to make sure you are happy.


Sorry, what were you saying? I was too busy looking at these alpacas' fabulous hair.

Alpacas are known for their stylish dos, and they never have bad hair days. Even if it looks bad, trust me, it's good. They don't even need to condition, it's just natural.


Maybe alpacas can't make music, but they can surf!

Getty Images

Meet Pisco: He's a surfing alpaca. Not all alpacas can surf, but it just goes to show you how talented and wonderful these creatures are.

Alpacas eat their food with dignity and grace.

Don Emmert / Getty Images

Alpacas don't have to wash their food because they haven't pulled it from your day-old trash. If you ever see an alpaca eating from a toppled-over garbage can, CALL AN AMBULANCE because you are having a hallucination.


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