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Angelina Jolie Stopped A Fan On The Sidewalk From Crying

Good guy Angelina.

A fan who goes by Techna Deschanel on Instagram posted this photo of her and Angelina Jolie outside of The Daily Show.

The fan wrote on Instagram that she suffered a panic attack in the crowd while waiting to meet Angelina, and that Angie not only comforted her but wouldn’t leave until she was sure she was OK.

Just to put it out there, I went there to the Daily Show with my Friend to get Angelina Jolie. We was practically in the back then went on the side in hope of getting her. Then the guards added another baracade. Chaos erupted to the point. I was getting squished to the point that I started to have a panic attack. She saw me struggling to the point that the security pull me out and sat down. Angelina didnt leave till she made sure I was ok. Usually I have no problem with getting celebrities but it was too overwhelming for me since I have tone down in the last two months. Im not going to lie about my medical condition since this is something that rarely happens to me and I hope it doesnt happen again. But overall Thank You #AngelinaJolie I will remember this. #celebrity #nyc #actress #TombRaider #LaraCroft

And you can see that after some comfort and selfies, her day was made.

A++++ for Angie.