Andrew Garfield Proves He Is An Intellectual

The actor picked up a few books from the library yesterday and turns out he reads pretty interesting stuff and also looks good in a white t-shirt.

4. Let’s see what he’s reading…

5. Book # 1:

Synchronicity= Describing meaningful coincidences that conventional notions of time and causality cannot explain. The book also covers the myths of the Greek legend of Hermes the Trickster. Interesting because his OTHER book is called Trickster. Conclusion: Andrew Garfield loves pranks?

6. Book # 2:

This is the other book about Hermes the trickster. Maybe he is studying for a role. Or maybe he loves pranks like I first thought.

7. Book #3:

This book explores how creativity can help you recover from addiction. Unsure how this relates to pranking.

8. Book 4:

JUST KIDDING. Cannot decipher the 4th book. But the book cover is dark grey….

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