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    A Ranking Of Kendall And Kylie Jenner's Old Homemade Music Videos


    A long time ago — before Kendall Jenner was a supermodel and Kylie Jenner was a makeup mogul — Kendall and Kylie were just two teens makin' music videos for YouTube. For them, it started in 2010 and ended all too quickly.


    They have six "music videos" on record, but one of them has no sound because it was muted for copyright infringement (womp). So here is an official ranking of the five remaining videos.


    5. Coming it at #5 is this medley of songs filmed in their house. The video is titled "Keepin Up With Kendall & Kylie — We Keep Up!"

    View this video on YouTube

    Why it's good: Lots of different songs!

    Why it's at the #4 spot: Too many bad songs. Too much treadmill stuff. And Kylie broke the computer!!

    4. At #4 we have this lip-dub to "Super Bass":

    View this video on YouTube

    Why it's good: This is a great song and they are on vacation, so the backdrop is nice.

    Why it's at the #3 spot: I wanted to see more of a narrative in this video. Don't get me wrong, I love Kendall and I think having her be the lead singer in this case was a smart move. But it just left me wanting more.

    3. The #3 music video made by Kendall and Kylie is their cover of Taylor Swift's "Better Than Revenge."

    View this video on YouTube

    Why It's good: Why isn't it good? First of all, it's a Taylor Swift song and HAHAHAHA because of that. Secondly, it's edited to perfection. There's so much emotion. It's kinda perfect.

    Why it got the #3 spot: This was a hard one because I love it so much, but I just had to give the remaining videos the higher spots.

    2. At the #2 spot we have "Firework" by Katy Perry:

    View this video on YouTube

    Why it's good: Why ISN'T it good? First of all, the set location is great. What is that, Montana? I've never been to Montana but I imagine it looks like that. Plus, it looks like professional editing. Who did this? WHO DID THIS?

    Why it's at the #2 spot: This was a hard one because I love this so much, but you'll see why it had to be here.

    1. And for the #1 Kendall and Kylie "music video," I present you with "Tall Girl":

    View this video on YouTube

    Why it's good: HOLY SHIT. This is some Little Rascals genius. It's set to "Green Light" by John Legend and Kendall is literally walking around on somebody's shoulders while wearing a giant coat and this is all happening in public spaces. AN ADORABLE OLD MAN STOPS TO TAKE PICTURES WITH THEM. I want this video to win a VMA. And an Oscar. And a Tony. IT SHOULD BE AN EGOT.

    Why it got the #1 spot: Because it's brilliant.

    Oh and PS: This wasn't just a Kendall and Kylie thing. Please feel free to appreciate the music videos done by the entire Kardashian family.

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