Amy Poehler And Michelle Obama Are A Wonderful Duo

They got together to promote Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative in Miami, Florida, and proved to be quite a dynamic duo.

1. First of all, Amy introduced the first lady by saying funny jokes:

2. And Michelle loved the jokes, because it’s Amy and why wouldn’t she.


3. Amy then stepped off her little box, and sat there adorably…


5. And that was right before Michelle asked Amy to cook her dinner:

6. Then they played mini golf (to get fit, duh):

Larry Marano / WireImage

7. And Amy did this with the kids:

Larry Marano / WireImage

8. Clearly Amy and the first lady are now best friends…

9. And she’s already BFF with the Vice President…

10. So it’s only natural that this should come next:

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