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Everything You Need To Know About The World's Biggest Dinosaurs

I went and now I want to tell you about it.

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The World's Biggest Dinosaurs is a random roadside attraction in Palm Springs, California. They are also known as the Cabazon Dinosaurs. I went there this weekend because why wouldn't I drive 1.5 hours to see a couple dinosaur statues in the desert??!?


This is me in front of the T-Rex. We look exactly alike!!

If you are wondering if it was scary standing in front of this dinosaur, the answer is YES. I'm no fool, I know a T-rex is no house pet!

Now that I had seen both dinosaurs, it was time to go to the museum!

But first — a bathroom stop! It got a little confusing since I was neither a girl nor a boy dinosaur. Honestly how the dinos even fit through these doors is beyond me.

The first part of the museum, which is actually more of a zoo-like structure with fake animals — is the Dino Dig. Here you can search for fossils and rocks.

I was the only person older than 11 in the Dino Dig. I asked a child what I was supposed to be doing since although it seems self explanatory, the instructions were unclear. He said "there are rocks with dinosaur names on it. If you find one you get a prize!" SAY NO MORE KID (I started digging). Around me children were finding rocks with names on them, and I was coming up empty handed. I was bitter and angry and had sand in my shoes. I left with nothing.


As I mentioned this is also a creationist museum, which means that lambs were alive when dinosaurs were alive.

This lamb is incredibly life-like. So much so that I was like "hey, how'd that lamb get in there?"


In Conclusion: The dinosaurs were big — maybe even the biggest, I don't know, I haven't seen any others. But was it worth my 17 dollars and a few hours of my time? YES SIR.

This roadside attraction gets Lauren's stamp of approval with a "Just go to it, why the heck not!"

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