29 Actors Who Are Just A Bit Older Than I Thought They Were, Making Me Realize I Have No Idea How Old Anyone Is

    I'm genuinely shocked that Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones is in her 40s.

    1. To me, there's no way Harry Shum Jr. is over 35.

    A clean-shaven Harry in a casual short-sleeved T-shirt

    But he IS. Harry Shum Jr. is 40.

    Close-up of a clean-shaven Harry

    2. Tessa Thompson is 30 in my head.

    Close-up of Tessa wearing a choker necklace

    But in reality, she is 38.

    Tessa in a sleeveless gown with tulle accents

    3. Without knowing, I'd think Andrew Garfield was 29.

    Close-up of Andrew wearing a bow tie and with a beard and mustache

    But people, Andrew Garfield is also 38!

    Andrew in a suit and tie

    4. I don't believe Gabrielle Union is a day over 37.

    Gabrielle wearing a sparkly halter top outfit and smiling

    And yet, Gabrielle Union is 49.

    Gabrielle in a sleeveless outfit

    5. Sandra Bullock is 45 to me.

    Sandra in a deep-V sparkly outfit and jacket

    But in real life, Sandra Bullock is 57.

    Sandra in a colorful jacket and long, flowing hair

    6. In my mind, Vin Diesel is 40.

    Vin wearing sunglasses and a jacket and holding up his hands giving the V sign

    But the fact is, Vin Diesel is 54.

    Vin on the red carpet

    7. I thought Gabourey Sidibe was like...26, and I just asked my sister and she thought she was 25.

    Gabourey in an off-the-shoulder print outfit and loose Afro

    But she's 39.

    Gabourey smiling in a beaded wrap V-neck dress and a braided updo

    8. Zoe Kazan is like 27, right?

    Close-up of Zoe smiling in a shiny, satiny top and hair pulled back

    WRONG. Zoe Kazan is 38.

    Zoe in a soft terry top and short hair

    9. I thought Sebastian Stan was like 35.

    Smiling Sebastian wearing sunglasses and a bright top and jacket

    Turns out he's 39.

    Sebastian on the red carpet in casual pants, top, and overshirt

    10. In my opinion, Dave Franco is 33.

    Clean-shaven Dave in a tux and bow tie

    In reality, Dave Franco is 37.

    Headshot of Dave with a slight mustache

    11. I thought Josh Duhamel was 42 max.

    Headshot of Josh with an open shirt and salt-and-pepper mustache and beard

    But he is actually 49.

    Josh smiling, with a beard and mustache, and wearing an open shirt and jacket

    12. We can all agree that Thomas Brodie-Sangster is 22, right?

    Thomas in a turtleneck and with wavy hair

    NO. He's not. He is 32.

    Thomas in a casual shirt and jacket on the red carpet

    13. Adam Driver seems 32.

    Clean-shaven Adam in a jacket and tie

    And yet, Adam Driver is 38.

    Clean-shaven Adam smiling and in a bow tie

    14. I was pretttyyy sure Eddie Redmayne is 33.

    Clean-shaven Eddie in a bow tie and suit and smiling

    But no. Eddie Redmayne is 40.

    Clean-shaven Eddie smiling and wearing a casual shirt and jacket, with glasses hanging off the front of the shirt neck

    15. If you asked me, LL Cool J is 45.

    LL in a cap, glasses, thick chain necklaces, and sweatshirt that says "One people one world one love"

    But his birth certificate would confirm he is 54.

    LL in a dark cap and sunglasses and Gucci jacket

    16. I would have guessed that Jennifer Lopez is 39.

    JLo in a velvet tube top and skirt ensemble and holding an award

    But she is 52.

    JLo in a transparent lacy cleavage-baring top with a choker

    17. Shawn Wayans is 40 in my head.

    Shawn with a circle beard and wearing a leather jacket

    But actually, he's 51.

    Shawn with a circle beard and wearing a suit with velvet bow tie

    18. I thought Martha Stewart was around 65.

    Martha in a beaded, long-sleeved, V-neck outfit

    But Martha Stewart is 80 — 80!!!

    Close-up of smiling Martha in a beaded hoodie

    19. Common has gotta be 42 at MOST.

    Smiling Common in a beard and mustache and wearing a denim jacket

    But nope, Common is 50.

    Close-up of Common with a beard and mustache and wearing a matching shirt and jacket

    20. I'd have said Nicola Coughlan (from Bridgerton) is 28.

    Close-up of Nicola in a square-neck top and jacket

    But she is actually 35.

    Nicola in a bright sleeveless dress with bows

    21. I thought Keegan-Michael Key was no older than 44.

    Key in a three-piece suit and tie and leaning on a piece of furniture

    But actually, he's 51.

    Headshot of Key smiling

    22. I truly thought Alison Brie was 32.

    Smiling Brie in a short V-necked cardigan and jeans

    Turns out Alison Brie is 39.

    Smiling Brie in a sleeveless outfit and hand on hip

    23. Who else here thought Pharrell Williams was 38?

    Williams with bejeweled sunglasses and bright leather jacket and T-shirt

    Because you're wrong. He's 49.

    Wiliams in a cap and leather jacket

    24. In my brain, Laverne Cox can't be older than 40.

    Cox in a striped catsuit and hand on hip

    But in reality, she's 50.

    Close-up of Cox in a low-cut, formfitting jacket

    25. I would have guessed Kieran Culkin is around 35...tops.

    Culkin wearing a shirt with the sleeves rolled up and with hands on hips on the red carpet

    He's actually 39 IRL.

    Culkin smiling impishly and touching his mouth

    26. In my personal opinion, Jim Parsons is 40.

    Clean-shaven Jim wearing glasses and in a bow tie and suit

    In real life, he is 49.

    Clean-shaven Jim wearing glasses and in a suit and tie

    27. I 100% thought Natalie Dormer was younger than 35.

    Natalie in an off-the-shoulder outfit

    But Natalie Dormer is 40.

    Natalie in a straight, high-necked dress and with hand on hip

    28. In my silly little head, I thought Bianca Lawson was no older than 25.

    Smiling Bianca with hair pulled back in a high ponytail

    In actuality, Bianca Lawson is 43.

    Bianca in a boat-necked top and hair pulled back in a high braid

    29. IDK, I just figured Gina Rodriguez was 31.

    Headshot of smiling Gina in a button-front sweater with a collar

    News flash: Gina Rodriguez is 37.

    Smiling Gina in a button-front jacket with collar

    30. Rob Lowe is 49 to me.

    Headshot of a smiling, clean-shaven Rob

    The fact is, Rob Lowe is 58.

    Rob with slicked-back hair and slight beard and mustache and wearing a striped jacket

    31. And finally, Jason Earles from Hannah Montana seems like he is 24-ish.

    A smiling, clean-shaven Jason in a jacket and T-shirt

    But nope! Jason Earles is 45.

    Headshot of a smiling, clean-shaven Jason in a shirt open at the top and a vest