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Aaron Paul Was The King Of 2013, Bitch!

He won the internet/our hearts this year.

First of all, this year he showed us his roots, and we were #blessed with this baby picture of him:

And while we are talking about babies, this is how he acted while holding one in his hometown:

Not only did he appreciate the majestic pizza delivery guy once...

But he was grateful for them twice.

He selflessly gave a stranger his gatorade because they asked:

And he sent the entire Breaking Bad crew whiskey because he's just THAT nice of a guy:

He redefined the Starbucks Drake hands meme by creating this beautiful video: / Via

And when tourists showed up at his house in a van, he went to say hi and then GOT IN THE CAR like a total cool dude.

He gave a restaurant waiter the best napkin note to ever exist...

And took time out of his busy schedule to get down on his hands and knees and scrub Bryan Cranston's Star on the walk of fame:

He made it shine.

He did whatever he could to make people happy...

And he made a lot of people very, very happy.

View this video on YouTube

He was also the only person to look so mysterious and intriguing while smelling a candle:

Fameflynet Pictures

And he made out with a Walter White mask, so there's that.

He grew a big, beautiful beard this year...

And then went to Disneyland with that big beautiful beard:

Getty Images / Handout

He took advantage of every celebrity photo op...

Every. One.

All of them.

Including creating photobomb masterpieces such as this one:

He literally helped a man propose to his girlfriend:

View this video on YouTube / Via

And he drank a coke the way we only DREAM of drinking coke:

He was just as confused and mesmerized by David Blaine as all of us regular folk:

And his wedding day selfie will go down in selfie history:

He got nostalgic on us, and it tugged right on our heart strings.


And his reaction to his own Emmy nomination was perfect...

He was basically perfect in every way this year.

Getty Images / Mark Davis

So, here's to Aaron Paul in 2014, YO!

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