How One Phone Number Accidentally Started An Internet Movement

Don’t #starbucksdrakehands and text people.

1. A guy went up to a girl at Starbucks in Los Angeles and started hitting on her. She reluctantly gave him her number.

ID: 1763019

2. Later that day, she received this video.

ID: 1763010

3. The girl’s friend, Ben Roc, posted the video on his Instagram page. Soon other people began creating their own versions of the video.

ID: 1763051

4. Rosen added the tag #starbucksdrakehands to the videos and spoofs have been popping up from all over.

ID: 1763054

5. And people are getting very creative with their videos.

ID: 1763241
ID: 1763302
ID: 1763324
ID: 1763338

9. Even animals are joining in.

ID: 1763342
ID: 1763066

11. So go ahead, give your number to the guy behind you in line at Starbucks today.

ID: 1763073

12. It might start an internet sensation.

ID: 1763087
ID: 1763296

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