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    A Reminder That It Is Totally And Completely Natural To Be Obsessed With Bella And Gigi Hadid

    Love them loud and proud.

    Hi. I am here to tell you that It's 100% OK for you to currently be obsessed with Gigi And Bella Hadid.

    If you were worried that your love for them was growing too strong, then I want to reassure you it probably isn't.

    Because it's totally justified, so go tell all your friends that.

    There are many reasons why it's seriously SOOOO OK to talk about them all the time and wish that you were Rihanna in this picture. Besides the fact that you'd be Rihanna, because that's not what this is about.

    This is about Gigi.

    And Bella.

    And Bella and Gigi together.

    And how when they post mirror pics you die a little inside.

    But also seem to be given a little bit more life.

    It's like this weird combo platter of life and death and giving and losing air and you know, all that stuff.

    Even though their lives are literally better than anything that you've experienced in your life and probably ever will...

    It still seems so possible that you'd be their best friend and definitely be invited on a private jet with them.


    Or wherever this is with Bella.

    But also they are really impressive. Like how they can both casually lounge in their Calvins and it's like, wowwww #mycalvins, right?


    And they seriously just ooze coolness.

    Like, without trying at all Bella is cool af.

    Gigi is also really fucking cool.

    And so is their mom, Yolanda. Hi Yolanda!

    Need more reasons to feel secure in your obsession? OK, well they are both gorgeous people who are actually perfect and that deserves recognition!

    And they are really cute sisters. You'd be an actual robot if you didn't feel anything about their adorable sister-ness.

    If Cody Simpson hadn't ruined this picture it would be perfect.

    Scrolling through your Instagram and liking everything/anything they post is a totally normal thing to do!

    So yeah, if anyone questions your obsession with the Hadids, turn around, smile and then tell them that their fly is down. It won't really prove anything but for a second that person will think their fly is down and feel stupid. Then make them watch this.

    And show them this.

    And this.

    And this.

    Long live G & B.