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A Ranking Of The Notes Jennifer Garner's Kids Wrote In 2018

Would love to frame them all tbh.

Jennifer Garner's kids — Violet, Seraphina and Sam (whose dad is Ben Affleck) — probably don't know it, but...I love 'em!! Not just because this amazing scarf was crafted by the delicate hands of 9-year-old Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck...

...but also because they write remarkable notes. And their notes are shared on Instagram by their mother and then I read them and think, "damn, those are some good notes." So anywho, here is a ranking of all the notes they've written in 2018.

6. In 6th place is this note written on June 30. It's simple and sweet. Nothing too fancy, just a nice lil' love note.

5. In 5th place is this note from July 22. It's less of a note and more of a reminder that August 22nd and 23rd will be FART. I appreciate the calendar organization though.

4. In 4th place is this note written by her son, from January 15. It is hopeful and uplifting. The message is strong and positive. Unfortunately there's an unidentifiable blob by the heart that caused this note to be kicked out of 3rd place.

3. In 3rd place is this note from September 18. It's not just a note but also a "How To." Additionally there are human figures drawn which takes real talent. This is a great note.

2. In 2nd place is this note from April 30. Once again the subject of the note is farts, but this one is more detailed and shows true passion for passing gas. A+ note.

1. And finally, the best note written by one of Jennifer Garner's kids in 2018 was this one, from November 9. It's both chilling and also encouraging. The kid has dreams yet also seems to be full of resent!! The note says so little and so much at the same time. The true meaning of the note is a mystery, and that's maybe the best part. I await for the days when the children are grown and this note is discussed in an anecdotal segment on Fallon whilst on a press tour for the reboot of Alias in which all three kids star.

I look forward to more notes in 2019. And obviously also more scarves.

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