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9 Pictures Tim McGraw Could Def Use If He Was Single And On Tinder

He's got options!

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Tim McGraw is married to Faith Hill so he's not single nor is he on Tinder...but, BUTTTTTT if Tim McGraw ever finds himself single and on then goes on Tinder (even though he'd be on Raya tbh) here are nine pics from his Instagram that he could definitely use for his profile!

1. This pic where he's holdin' up two fish.

2. This pic where he's holding up one fish.

3. Dis one of him and this fish he caught.


4. Thissaaa one of him and a fish.

5. This here pic of him and a fish that I assume he caught.

6. This one where he's holding a fish.

7. This one where he shows he has friends and also is holding a sea creature.


8. This pic that was taken of him holding a fish.

9. And finally, this one. Where he's holding a fish and posing for the camera.

He can only have five pics though, so he better choose carefully. Bye!