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    8 Things Peter Pan Should Have Been Arrested For

    I'm not a lawyer but If I were a judge I'd lock Peter Pan up for LIFE.

    1. Breaking and Entering


    The crime: Peter Pan just broke into the Darling's home, right through the window, and started looking through all their stuff. Ever heard of a knock on the DOOR? Ever heard of PRIVACY? Ever heard of taking your shoes off before stepping on a carpet?? This is a clear-cut illegal trespass if I ever saw one.

    Sentence: Maybe a fine or a summons to court. Getting arrested before you find your shadow.

    2. Drug Possession / Via

    The crime: Familiar with FAIRY DUST? Yeah, that's right...COCAINE. Not only does Peter Pan have a personal maker of fairy dust, but he's obviously in possession and all he needs to do to get some is smack Tink's butt.

    Sentence: Depends on the area laws, but it could be anywhere from a small fine to a few years in prison. And you have to live with yourself every day knowing you get drugs out of a fairy's butt.

    3. Drug Distribution


    Sentence: Maybe three years in prison...or more, depending on the deal (this was obviously a big deal, look at it just floating around like snow).

    4. Getting Kids High Off Drugs

    The crime: I assume this is a crime somewhere. They are so high they think they are flying.

    Sentence:: The punishment here is on the kids and it's that their future has now gone down the toilet. Say no to drugs.

    5. Attempted Abduction


    The crime: Look at him trying to steal Wendy from her room in the middle of the night like a total kidnapper. He didn't succeed because she had butter on her hands, presumably because she didn't use a napkin at dinner because her nanny is a DOG and doesn't enforce napkins.

    Sentence: Could spend to up to 18 months in prison.

    6. Actual Kidnapping


    The crime: After letting Wendy's buttery hand slip through the first time, he got a good grip and 'napped not only Wendy, but her two brothers as well!!! Not only that, but he's making them stand on clock towers and smile like they are happy or something.

    Sentence: Possible one to eight years in prison or the alternative — living in a place with mermaids where you are a teen forever.

    7. Animal Abuse

    The crime: I'm not sure this is illegal per se, but it's REALLY SHITTY that he's just stepping on these swans and you can see the pain in their faces.

    Sentence: Being hated by the entire swan population and never making swan friends again.

    8. Attempted Murder


    The crime Here you can see Peter Pan (holder of the sword) clearly attempting to murder Hook. If it weren't for Hook's incredible stomach flexibility or natural thinness, he'd have been punctured and dead before you could say banana.

    Sentence:: Prison for five to fifteen years. A lifetime of guilt that you tried to kill Captain Hook.