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26 GIFs That Will Make You Die Of Laughter Every Time You Watch

Goodbye sweet world.

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1. A pissed off garbage truck:

2. Cotton candy in reverse:

3. Kanye West discovering his favorite toy:

4. Your new favorite game show:

5. A robot making a very sneaky entrance:

6. Spiderman exiting his secret lair:

7. This perfect execution:

8. A robot just doing robot things:

9. This deperate struggle:

10. A kid launching:

11. A showdown between a lizard and a kitten:

12. The guy who learned never to crump next to a treadmill:

13. Nicolas Sarkozy's balancing act:

14. A bus just doing bus things:

15. True love:

16. The future of ketchup dispensary:

17. A dog with arms making sure he greets everyone:

18. Elmo saying goodbye to this cruel world:

19. A bird getting its revenge:

20. A high speed accident:

21. Hamsters learning about the wheel the hard way:

22. Children enjoying their new flying machine:

23. The little brother who's tired of your crap:

24. A dog that doesn't want to reminded of his birthday:

25. A trampoline fall with a shocking twist:

26. And a racoon just rollin':


Inspired by this Reddit thread.

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