28 Famous Women Who In My Head Are Very Tall But In Real Life Are Actually Pretty Short

    Short girlz unite.

    In my head all celebrities are just like, really tall and tower over everyone. Also they don't even walk, they just glide hovering half an inch off the floor while emitting a subtle gold glow. But turns out lots of them are just...regular height or even shorter than the "average" height (which is 5'4", I know because I am exactly average height).

    Here are fellow shorties.

    1. Vanessa Hudgens is 5'1"

    Vanessa at an event

    2. Reese Witherspoon is 5'1"

    closeup of Reese

    3. Jessica Chastain is 5'4"

    Jessica at an event

    4. Scarlett Johansson is 5'3"

    Scarlett on the red carpet

    5. Victoria Beckham is 5'4"

    Closeup of Victoria

    6. Janelle Monae is 5'0"

    Janelle on the red carpet

    7. Billie Lourd is 5'1"

    Billie on the red carpet

    8. Mila Kunis is 5'4"

    closeup of Mila

    9. Kerry Washington is 5'4"

    closeup of Kerry

    10. Julianne Moore is 5'3"

    Julianne on the red carpet

    11. Megan Fox is 5'4".

    Megan on the red carpet

    12. Rachel McAdams is 5'4"

    Rachel on the red carpet

    13. Dakota Fanning is 5'4".

    Dakota at an event

    14. Amy Adams is 5'4"

    Amy at an event

    15. Angela Bassett is 5'4"

    Angela on the red carpet

    16. Tessa Thompson is 5'4"

    Tessa at the Met

    17. Kylie Minogue is 5'0"

    closeup of Kyle

    18. Shania Twain is 5'4"

    Shania at an event

    19. Cardi B is 5'3"

    Cardi B on the red carpet

    20. Gillian Anderson is 5'3"

    Gillian on the red carpet

    21. Carrie Underwood is 5'3"

    Carrie on the red carpet

    22. Lucy Liu is 5'3"

    Lucy at an event

    23. Gina Rodriguez is 5'3"

    Gina at an event

    24. Camila Mendes is 5'2"

    Camila at an event

    25. Raven Symone is 5'2"

    Raven on the red carpet

    26. Judy Dench is 5'1"

    Judy on the red carpet

    27. Lucy Hale is 5'2"

    Lucy at an event

    28. And finally, Dolly Parton is 5'2"

    Dolly on the red carpet

    Good things come in small packages :)