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    26 Must-Know Facts About Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen

    The most famous twins in the universe turn 26 today. Here are 26 things you just gotta know about them!

    1. They had to wear fake teeth on "Full House" because they were losing teeth at different rates and needed to have the same smile


    2. Ashley's middle name is "Fuller"

    3. Mary Kate is a leftie, while Ashley is a rightie


    4. At 6 years old, they became the youngest producers in Hollywood


    5. Mary Kate has A.D.D. (Ashley doesn't)


    6. Both of their first on screen kisses were in "Passport to Paris"


    With those hotties

    7. Mary Kate was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her work in "So Little Time" but Ashley was not


    But she was still there to support her sister.

    8. They were credited as Mary Kate Ashley Olsen (one person) in the early seasons of "Full House"

    The producers didn't want people to know it was twins playing one role

    9. They promoted McDonalds Happy Meals in France


    In 2004

    10. They got their ears pierced for a second time at 16 after both of them got infections at 10 years old and let their holes close up

    11. Ashley hates the sound of people eating bananas

    12. Their album "Brother for Sale" sold 325,000 copies

    View this video on YouTube

    This was just an excuse to listen to the song.

    13. "New York Minute" was Ashley's last acting job

    14. Also, "New York Minute" was the lowest grossing film in history for a movie opening in over 3,000 theaters

    Made $5.96 million its opening weekend. :(

    15. In "Full House" Ashley acted out the more serious scenes, while Mary-Kate took the funnier scenes

    16. They are of Danish and Norwegian descent

    17. They christened a cruise ship named the MS Zaandam

    The ship is owned by Holland America Line

    18. They were the first twins to get a joint star on the Hollywood walk of fame

    19. Ashley is very down to earth and practical


    "I am very down to earth and practical" - Ashley Olsen

    20. Mary Kate is a prize-winning horse rider

    Her first horses name was CD, as in compact-disc, remember those!?

    21. Ashley did not attend her father's wedding to his second wife, only Mary Kate did

    22. The bandanas they wore in one of their videos sparked a national trend, which is how they got the idea to start a clothing line

    23. They won the 2012 CFDA award for womenswear designer(s) of the year

    24. They grew up across the street from — and were best friends with — Troian Bellisario AKA Spencer from "Pretty Little Liars"

    Troian made a cameo in Billboard Dad!

    25. They have TINY feet. Ashley with a 5.5 shoe size, and Mary Kate with a 6.5

    26. Mary Kate loves running around naked


    "I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It's so funny," she has said.

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