22 Reasons To Be Thankful You Don’t Have Braces Anymore

It was the longest 4 years of my life.

1. Because the appointments were the worst.

Oh cool, you are tightening my wires today?

Gonna spend the next three days crying of pain.

2. Because you had boring clear bands which made your teeth look weird.

3. Or you had the colored ones, which looked stupid.

4. Because you had to remember to change your rubber bands after every meal.

And Then they’d snap the insides of your mouth when you did.

5. Because you can’t eat anything.

7. HAHA don’t think SO.



10. I said NOTHING.

11. And when you did eat this was you:


13. Because Ugly Betty wore braces. They called her ugly for crying out loud!

14. Also they made fun of this girl.

Even Leo only liked her after she got her braces off. (In Catch Me If You Can).

15. Because picking up alien frequency waves was getting really tiring.

16. Because you had to use this stupid thing to brush your teeth.

17. And if you didn’t, you worried everyday this would happen to you.

18. Because one rogue wire would cause the inside of your cheeks to bleed…

19. And then you’d have to wear this wax like a freaking candlestick.

20. Because before you even had braces you needed a palette expander. It sucked.

21. Or a retainer (oh hey spit)

22. Or if you were really lucky, headgear.

23. And because, no kissing allowed. I’m Serious. NONE OF IT.

BUT if you must do it…here is a tutorial on how to kiss with braces

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