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21 Actors Who Experienced The Prime Of Their Life In Truly Beautiful Ways

You'll see why.

At some point in everyone's life, one is young. At this "young" age, the skin is smoother, hair is at its flowiest, and the body is in tip-top shape. Here are some older actors who you'd literally want to travel back in time just to bang.

1. Jeff Bridges:

2. Clint Eastwood:

3. Robert Redford:

4. Harrison Ford:

5. Gary Oldman:

6. Christolph Waltz:

7. Ian McKellen:

8. Chevy Chase:

9. Martin Scorsese:

10. Bill Cosby:

11. Tommy Lee Jones:

12. Alec Baldwin:

13. Robert De Niro:

14. Jack Nicholson

15. James Garner:

16. Christopher Plummer

17. Al Pacino:

18. Peter O'Toole

19. Steve Martin:

20. Michael Douglas:

21. ...and dad Kirk Douglas