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19 Olympians Who Think Their Medals Are Food

Please feed the Olympians, London. They are so hungry and delirious they are trying to EAT their medals.

1. "Chewy"

2. "Needs salt"

3. "Tastes like chicken."

4. "I Don't know if I'll like this"

"Yes! I like it!"

5. "This is my favorite flavor"

6. "Tasty"

7. "Wish this was GRILLED"



9. "Yum."

10. "I asked for this medium-rare"

11. "Delicious PIZZA!!!!"

12. "Needs more seasoning"

13. "My favorite food."

14. "Reminds me of mom's home cookin."

15. "I'm gonna eat it! I'm gonna eat it..."

16. "We love food!"

17. "OH that's GOOD."

18. "Is this gluten free?"

19. "Nom nom nom"