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    19 Inexplicable Moments From Japanese Game Shows

    Not sure what's happening, but I like it and I want more of it.

    1. The spinner in butt?!?

    2. The unattainable marshmallow???

    3. The stocking over face?!??!???

    4. The giant monster animal chase????????????!!

    5. The actual death trap!!!!???

    6. ??!?!?!

    7. The spinning spaghetti man???????????????!!

    8. ?!?!?!???!?!

    9. The powder from the butt part 1?#?#?#?!???

    10. The mummy woman?!?!?!?@??@?@??#??$?

    11. The unfortunate balloon burst??!

    12. The electric shock????@@@@!!!???

    13. The rubber band head!!!???

    14. The whipping?!

    15. The candy shoe???!?!!?!?!??!?

    16. The stripping wheel!?!?!??!?!?

    17. The butt in face?!?!????

    18. The powder butt part 2??????????!???

    19. And the surprise slide!!!!!!???????

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