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19 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Rihanna met an elephant, Nicki MInaj wore pasties, and more!

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1. Rihanna met an elephant:

2. Gwen Stefani, Rachel Zoe, and Nicole Richie got glammed up:

3. Nicki Minaj showed off her pasties:

4. Danielle Fishel sat on the ground:


5. Zac Efron gave Miles Teller a wet willy:

6. Austin Mahone was in the hospital:

7. Hilary Duff got scared:

8. Ke$ha was a sexy lumberjack:


9. Snoop Dogg enjoyed some weed:

10. John Stamos read The Little Prince:

11. Ellie Goulding wore a onesie:

12. Kim Kardashian showed off her butt:


13. Lea Michele had a photoshoot with her new dog:

14. Jimmy Fallon took a selfie with Nina Dobrev:

15. Beyonce did a hand stand:

16. Andy Cohen hung out with Martha Stewart:


17. Mindy Kaling dressed up for work:

18. The rock showed off his back:

19. And Harry styles turned into a fisherman: