15 Things You Should Be Thanking Your Dad For

Thanks for teaching us how to do things the right way, Dad!

Hug your dad for teaching you how…

…so that you don’t think this will work

2. To ride a bike like this…

…so that you don’t get caught like this

3. To use a hammer like this…

…so that in turn, you can teach your cat

4. To drive like this…

…so that you don’t do this

5. To defend ourselves like this…

…so that your face isn’t like this

6. To change a tire like this

7. And oil like this

8. And lots of other car stuff…

…so that you don’t end up driving this

9. To golf like this…

…so that you don’t play like this

…so you don’t do it like this

11. To tie your shoes like this…

…so that you don’t have to wear these

12. To play catch like this…

…so you don’t get hit in the face like this

13. To shave like this…

…so that you don’t turn out like this

14. To tie a tie like this…

…so that you don’t have to wear this

15. To chop wood like this…

…so that you DO end up like this

Happy Fathers day dads!

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