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    Why The '90s Was The Golden Age Of Magazines

    Thanks for ruining all this, internet.

    1. Sky still existed.

    2. So did Select.

    3. And The Face.

    4. And Arena.

    5. Men's magazines occasionally had men on the cover.

    6. And they were as much about humour, as they were about boobs.

    7. Meanwhile, Jane offered a punchy alternative to mainstream women's mags.

    8. And Rolling Stone was on a roll.



    11. There was so much choice. If you didn't fancy NME that week, there was always Melody Maker.

    12. If Q didn't tempt you, Vox was worth a punt.

    13. Video game mags were funny, and snarky, and sold in staggering quantities.

    14. And there was one to suit every taste. Remember Mean Machines?

    15. Or CVG?

    16. Or Total!?

    17. Smash Hits's glory days were in the '80s, but it carried on being quite good into the '90s.


    19. Apart from anything else, Smash Hits gave you plenty of TOP-NOTCH posters for your bedroom wall. Like this one.

    20. And, er, this one.

    21. Though admittedly not every issue was a stormer.

    22. Of course it helped that magazines had plenty of larger-than-life cover stars to choose from back then.


    24. But the fact is, magazines were simply a bigger deal in the '90s.

    25. More people bought them, so they had budgets to do stuff like this.

    26. Those days aren't coming back, but if you grew up in the '90s, you'll understand.

    27. Magazines were things of tactile beauty, crammed with creativity, wit and excitement.

    28. Never forget.