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    18 Things About Berlin That Should Make Londoners Jealous

    You'd probably be happier if you lived there.

    1. In Berlin, accommodation is insanely cheap.

    2. This means creative people are able to live in the city centre, making it a diverse and dynamic place.

    3. Most people don't own their apartments, they're happy renting.

    4. In fact, everything is cheaper.

    5. Unlike the tube, the U-bahn is pleasant to use, cheap, and not horribly over-crowded.

    6. But you don't even need to take public transport, because Berlin is an extremely bike-friendly city.

    7. It also boasts a surprising amount of green space. Berlin is home to no fewer than 2500 parks.

    8. And actual beaches.

    9. A crazy, insanely large water park.

    OK, it's a 45 minute drive outside Berlin, but Tropical Islands holds a special, albeit kitsch, place in Berliners' hearts. The sprawling complex is kept at a permanent 64% humidity, and you can stay the night if you want.

    10. A swimming pool in the middle of the river.

    11. Incredible underground bars.

    12. A "help yourself" wine bar.

    13. Club Mate, the greatest energy drink you've never heard of.

    14. A relaxed attitude to the rules.

    15. The best clubs in the world.

    16. Incredible street art, everywhere.

    17. Superior drunk food.

    Berlin is the Döner capital of the world, but they do it differently there: the best places are known for their distinctive speciality fare. Every Berliner has a favourite kebab restaurant. No Londoner has a favourite branch of Chicken Cottage.

    18. And an all-round better quality of life.

    So, Londoners, if you ever get sick of reading headlines like this.

    And depressing graphs like this.

    Maybe think about moving to Berlin?