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The Man Who Took Hilarious Revenge On A Train Company — And Got A Book Deal Out Of It

We've all contemplated firing off an angry complaint letter following a delay. This guy took it to insane extremes.

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One day, fed up with the lousy service, he wrote a letter of complaint to Managing Director Mark Hopwood.


The reason for such insane verbosity?

"I tailored the length of each of the emails to reflect the length of the delay," explains Dominic. "The reasoning being that I would waste as much of his day reading them as he had wasted of mine."

The first thing you have to know about these letters is that they are enormously long and rambling.


"Sue," by the way, is Sue Evans, director of communications for First Great Western trains. She never responds.


As the months go by, and the letters get angrier, the whole thing becomes funnier and more absurd.


That's not to say that the service ever got any better. It didn't.

Read every one of Dominic's missives at Letters To FGW.