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    The 39 Drunkest People In Britain

    Turns out people in this country are quite fond of a drink. Who knew?

    1. This woman.

    2. This guy.

    3. This student.

    4. This festival-goer.

    5. This football spectator, whose words of encouragement from the touchline are not helping.

    6. This clubber who was slightly too eager to hit the dancefloor.

    7. This chap, who has sunk a few afternoon pints and is now enjoying the great outdoors.

    8. As is this one.

    9. This man who hasn't quite the hang of trousers.

    10. This bloke who will almost certainly regret this tattoo in the morning.

    11. This bloke casually pissing out the window of a moving bus.

    12. This clubber who couldn't find a chillout room so was forced to improvise.

    13. This reveller who will feel even worse when he wakes up and discovers what his friends have done.

    14. Same goes for this guy.

    15. And this woman.

    16. This woman who mistakenly believes the police will see the funny side.

    17. This bozo on the tube.

    18. And this one, who will never get home at this rate.

    19. This geezer acting inappropriately in a fish and chip shop.

    20. This young woman who's enjoying a nice lie-down, complete with pillow.

    21. This man who's having trouble standing.

    22. As is this one.

    23. This chap attempting to disguise his drunkenness by leaning nonchalantly on a bollard.

    24. These party-goers who will only discover the flaw in this photo in the morning, once they've sobered up.

    25. This carouser who shouldn't even be trying to navigate a pavement.

    Let alone attempting to cross the street.

    26. This merrymaker, who thinks diving headlong into a pile of rubble is a good idea.

    27. These old-timers, who are clinging onto a window ledge to steady themselves.

    28. This hammered Santa.

    29. And this one, being sick into his Santa hat.

    30. This kid who has unwisely picked a fight with a hand dryer.

    31. This lady.

    32. These Cardiff residents who are taking home a souvenir of their night out.

    33. As are these fine folk.

    34. This indie-rock fan, getting into the spirit of the NME Awards.

    35. This booze-enthusiast who's found a comfortable place to rest his head.

    36. This lad who really shouldn't have tried to vault over those railings.

    37. This unhappy camper.

    38. This chap whose night has not panned out quite the way he'd hoped.

    39. And this drunkard whose walk home has become a nightmarish assault course.