The 20 Happiest Moments In Graffiti History

Having a bad day? These should help.

1. The uplifting compliment.

2. The helpful reminder.

Mobstr. Photo by Jenny Foulds. / Via

3. The one-word instruction.

Jenny Foulds / Via

4. The vision of racial harmony.

Artwork by Hin. Photo be Jenny Foulds. / Via

5. The polite request.

Jenny Foulds / Via

6. The wise mantra.

Jenny Harvey / Via

7. The delightful daubing.

Artwork by My Dog Sighs. Photo by Jenny Foulds / Via

8. The recipe for a better life.

Artwork by Cameille Walala. Photo by Jenny Foulds. / Via

9. The heartening epigram.

Jenny Foulds / Via

10. The gnomic statement.

Expanded Eye. Photo by Jenny Foulds / Via

11. The spectacular proposal.

12. The quiet note of solace.

Jenny Foulds / Via

13. The pithy aphorism.

Jenny Foulds / Via

14. The unusually expressive traffic lights.

15. The uplifting mural.

Artwork by Jody. Photo by Jenny Foulds. / Via

16. The naughty suggestion.

Jenny Foulds / Via

17. The philosophy to live by.

Jenny Foulds / Via

18. And the always-welcome encouragement.

Jenny Foulds / Via

Most of these photos are courtesy of Happy Graffiti. There’s a book, too: Happy Graffiti by Jenny Foulds, available here.

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