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    Nicolas Sarkozy Crashed Out Of The Election, And French Twitter Ripped The Piss

    The former French president is out of the 2017 race, having won less than 23 % of the vote in the right-wing primary. Cue jokes.

    In the wake of Nicolas Sarkozy's defeat in the primary, there were references to his much-mocked comments about schoolchildren who don't eat pork being forced to eat extra chips instead.

    « Une réaction M.Sarkozy ? » #LaPrimaire

    "So, do we still have the right to a double helping of chips, or has that ship sailed now?"

    Du coup, on aura quand mĂȘme le droit Ă  une double ration de frites ou c'est mort de chez mort ? đŸ€” J'avoue j'Ă©tais un peu hypĂ©. 🍟🍟

    Others commented on how he still faces corruption charges and could be arrested.

    Sarkozy actuellement, attendant d'aller en prison #SarkozyTuEsVaincu

    "Sarkozy right now, waiting to go to prison."

    "Come on, it's time to go, Mr Sarkozy." "VOTES ARE STILL BEING COUNTED, IT'S NOT OVER."

    "Allez c'est bon là, on va y aller M. Sarkozy. - IL RESTE 3 BUREAUX À DÉPOUILLER, CEST PAS ENCORE FINI." #LaPrimaire

    "Open up!" "No, it's not over. I'm going to run in the German elections."


    There was rejoicing in the fact that the former president's big political comeback had ended in failure.

    Rappel chrono : 2012 : Nicolas Sarkozy se retire de la vie politique 2016 : Nicolas Sarkozy est expulsé de la vie politique #LaPrimaire

    "Reminder: 2012: Sarkozy retires from public life. 2016: Sarkozy is expelled from public life."

    Though others predicted he'd be back in politics before too long.

    Le discours d'adieu de Nicolas Sarkozy Ă©tait aussi beau que son discours d'adieu de 2012. HĂąte d'entendre celui de 2022. #Laprimaire

    "Nicolas Sarkozy's farewell speech was as beautiful as his 2012 farewell speech. Can't wait to hear his speech in 2022."

    Sarko : "j'arrĂȘte dĂ©finitivement la politique" Sarko dans trois mois :

    Sarko: "I have definitely quit politics."

    Sarko in three months:

    "Every time he loses Sarkozy says he'll quit for good... Like me when I drink too much."

    Sarkozy Ă  chaque fois qu'il perd il annonce qu'il arrĂȘte dĂ©finitivement... On dirait moi quand je prends une cuite

    This person compared Sarkozy to a kid repeatedly flouncing off YouTube and then immediately coming back.

    Someone else drew a comparison with Manchester United's declining fortunes: "Sarkozy was president for four years and now he can't even get past the first round."

    Sarkozy il a Ă©tĂ© prĂ©sident y'a 4 ans mais aujourd'hui il arrive mĂȘme pas Ă  passer la primaire on dirait Manchester United

    Inevitably, there were references to the US presidential election: "If Sarkozy wins Florida, everything can still change."

    Si Sarkozy gagne la Floride tout peut encore basculer #laprimaire

    Koh Lanta, the French version of Survivor, provided valuable meme fodder.

    And this GIF summed it all up. "Nicolas Sarkozy's political comeback."

    Bref, le retour en politique de Nicolas #Sarkozy. #LaPrimaire

    Ian Langsdon / AFP / Getty Images