12 Results Day Quotes For Every Eventuality

A-level students are getting their reactions in early before their results are announced on 14 August.

1. If you do well…

2. If you do badly…


4. If you do really badly.


6. If you don’t get in to your first-choice university.


— Vampire (@_EnigmaPrincess)

7. If your parents were no help whatsoever.

#ResultsDayQuotes Mum: "Calm down, i'm sure you did fine. What's done is done." Dad: "You'll be alright" Me:

— Private School (@PRIVATESCH00L)

8. If you’re feeling pretty zen about it all.


— Yuldasheva Karisha (@yuldashevka)


— Beth (@waddupbeth)

10. If you’re feeling fighty.

#ResultsDayQuotes *Looks at results*

— GameOfThrones Reacts (@GameThroneReact)

11. If you feel like trolling your mum.

#ResultsDayQuotes "But Mum, Jesus didn't have any A-levels"


12. And no matter what happens…

“@FriendsReactss: #ResultsDayQuotes ” @_hannahlunnon @KayyHayy123 @livsgoslingx @ambergunnie

— Jess (@jessmorcom)

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