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19 People Whose Struggle Will Make You Play A Tiny Violin

Just the tiniest violin imaginable. Microscopic. Sub-atomic. A nano-violin.

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1. Handsome men, who face discrimination in the workplace according to this study.


2. Dr. Michael Murphy, Ireland's highest-paid university president.

3. This Daily Telegraph reader.

4. The publicist who endured the nightmare of Uber surge pricing during the tube strike.

5. Fortnum & Mason customers, who thanks to an IT failure did not receive their Beluga caviar and foie gras truffles in time for Christmas.

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6. Cartier boss Johann Rupert.

7. The woman who wrote a book about her "alienating" experiences as a wife and mother living in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

8. This north London mum, overheard worrying that her child might be too gifted.

Thinkstock / Aynur_sib / Via Twitter: @Highgatemums

9. Hampstead residents, who felt Labour's proposed tax on homes worth over £2m was inhumane.

10. Sol Campbell, who put his Chelsea home on the market for £25 million, and voiced concerns about being taxed too highly.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images / Via

11. Men's rights activists, upset at the way Magic Mike objectifies men.

12. This blogger, enraged because he feels Mad Max: Fury Road promotes feminist propaganda.

13. Meninists, generally.

14. These kids, who didn't get what they wanted for Christmas.

15. Tiesto, who earned £19 million in 2014, but still has problems in his life.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @DJsComplaining

16. Kit Harington, who says he finds being called a hunk "demeaning".

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17. Bankers.

18. Millionaires.

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19. And this highly paid DJ, who feels lonely in his stretch limo.

Flickr: kommerij / Creative Commons / Via Twitter: @DJsComplaining