12 People Struggling Comically With Umbrellas In The Wind

It is wet and windy in Britain right now. And your brolly is no match for it.

1. This BBC newsreader.

2. This sports reporter.

3. This intrepid commuter.

4. This optimistic barbecue chef.

5. This tourist enjoying a stroll along the sea front.

6. This unfortunate correspondent.

Who made a valiant, but doomed, attempt to rescue the situation.

7. This chap attempting to deliver a serious piece to camera.

8. This woman, who is trying her best.

But just can’t catch a break.

9. This confident individual, who refuses to let the wind put her off her stride.

10. This daytripper, who probably ought to just let the umbrella go at this point.

11. This bloke, who should probably just give up and go back inside.

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Luke Lewis is BuzzFeed's Head of European Growth and is based in London.
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