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    People Reacting To Earthquakes In Local Newspapers Is The Most British Thing Imaginable

    A humbling reminder of the awe-inspiring power of nature.

    1. “Floor just rattled for a few seconds. Ahh.”

    Rutland, 29 April 2014

    2. “I thought someone had thrown a ball against windows or cat had fallen off wardrobe.”

    Rutland, 29 April 2014

    3. “It felt to us as though a large low flying aircraft had just flown overhead, something on the scale of the RAF Vulcan.”

    Ripon, 3 January 2011

    4. “My husband Mike jumped out of bed and ran down stairs. It felt like a patio door was being closed.”

    Manchester, 30 August 2007

    5. “It started at one end of the room and came through to where I was sitting and the big filing cabinet next to where I was sitting was shaking. It was really quite impressive.”

    Didsbury, 10 August 2007

    6. “This tremor was right on the cusp of being felt.”

    Anglesey, 23 May 2006

    7. “There were two massive thumps, like the hulk was jumping about. It was crazy.”

    Nottingham, October 29, 2014.

    8. “It felt like the whole house moved south to north for a second and then I looked around and saw a large artificial tree shaking.”

    Irish Sea, 25 August 2013

    9. “I became quite frightened. My fiancé is a builder and he looked at me and said ‘This isn’t good’, but then it stopped.”

    Irish Sea, 25 August 2013

    10. “My stomach moved. It was like the mild feeling you get on a roller coaster just before a drop.”

    Irish Sea, 25 August 2013

    11. “I recognised it as I had experienced one some years ago in Gloucester which was much stronger. This felt as if someone was moving furniture.”

    Gloucester, 14 January 2015

    12. “I thought it was a lorry going really fast down the road! What next?”

    Rutland, 29 April 2014

    13. “The wardrobe door was shaking and my bird went mad downstairs.”

    Stamford, 27 February 2008

    14. “I noticed a sort of rumble. It lasted two or three seconds. I didn’t realise there’d been an earthquake until my grandson told me it was all over Facebook.”

    Anglesey, 26 May 2015

    15. “Initially I thought it was somebody arriving at the house with a big tractor, and I went outside to look but there was absolutely nothing there.”

    Fair Isle, March 2, 2012.

    16. “Flat shook a bit like the washing machine was not levelled and the drum was noisy.”

    Jersey, 25 February 2015

    17. “It felt a bit like there was a bus parked outside but a bit stronger”.

    Didsbury, 10 August 2007

    18. “I thought something has fallen upstairs, or worst case scenario, the water tank had exploded.”

    Nottingham, 29 October 2014

    19. “We were asleep and felt the bed shaking – things on the bedside table were all rattling for seconds.” Kent, May 22, 2015. Terence Forster, Mail Online.

    Kent, 22 May 2015

    20. “Quite frightening – you don’t expect this in Whitstable.”
    , 22 May 2015

    21. “I can only describe it as like jelly. It was a definite wobble, not a shake.”
    , 22 May 2015

    22. “I was woken just before 3am by my wardrobe door banging inexplicably for several seconds.”
    , 22 May 2015

    23. “7.16pm. Felt my legs quiver.”
    , 29 October 2014

    24. “Some of the more astute guests realised immediately what it was and came hurtling down the stairs and they really weren’t happy.”
    Wester Ross
    , 17 May 2013

    25. “Our house just shook enough to rattle glasses in the cupboard.”
    , 27 January 2015

    26. “The bedhead made a noise and one ornament on the window sill fell over.”
    , 27 February 2008

    27. “It made my bed and wardrobes shake. I thought the wardrobes were going to fall out.”
    Irish Sea
    , 25 August 2013

    28. “My room just started shaking and my mugs nearly fell off my shelf.”
    , 29 January 2015

    29. “My first thought was that my little girl running around upstairs, the monkey, but then common sense kicked in.”
    , 3 January 2011

    30. “It all only lasted about 3-4 seconds. I was confused so I got off the sofa and looked underneath it for my dog or expecting somebody to be under it somehow making it shake. Turns out nobody was there, so I got up and asked my grandad if we just had an earthquake. He just stood there and said, ‘Well I thought I heard something outside but I thought it was just a plastic bag flying around,’ but I found out it was a mini earthquake in the end.”

    Bristol Channel, 20 February 2014

    31. “I was sitting watching the news at the time. It was like a big gust of wind."

    Nottingham, 29 October 2014

    H/T Rhodri Marsden for collecting these via @rattlingcups.