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    Owl Cafes Exist In Japan, Which Is Yet Another Reason To Move There Immediately

    Well done, Kotaku, for identifying this amazing trend.

    The Japanese love kookily themed drinking establishments.

    There are granny cafes.

    Trendy / Via

    Bunny cafes.

    Cat cafes.

    A penguin bar.

    And now.

    Delightfully and inevitably.

    There is the "fukurou", or owl cafe.

    A number have sprung up over the past year, in Tokyo and Osaka.

    Some serve owl-themed snacks.

    In some, the owls serve merely as decoration.

    But, in others, you're encouraged to handle the birds.

    Aera Baby / Via

    I want to go there.

    Emigrating. Right now.

    Thank you for bringing this to the world's attention, Kotaku.