18 Optical Illusion Tattoos That Will Make You Take A Second Look

    Body art with a difference.

    1. The "Clawed by a werewolf" effect.

    2. "Oh, this? Just an emerald-eyed monster hiding out beneath my flesh."

    3. "Cut me and I bleed America."

    4. "I'm so cultured and literary I have Latin texts in place of a skeleton."

    5. Face of Jesus, or Jesus on the cross?

    6. Now here's a man who really loves Spiderman.

    7. We're going to call this one "alien corset".

    8. Encoded in these ancient runes is the phrase, "Christ, this tattoo really hurt."

    9. Clockwork lady never has an excuse for being late for work.

    10. Not sure what it's supposed to be say, but an impressive 3D effect nonetheless.

    11. We're guessing this guy is a Terminator fan.

    12. Woman's face, or two dragons waging war over a nipple?

    13. If it looks like this when you cut into your skin you should probably seek medical attention.

    14. What do you see first, a man's head, or two men kissing?

    15. Yes, very good.

    16. If prizes were given out for having a leg that looks like an ornate wooden carving, this woman would win all of them.

    17. An impressive see-through effect, as long as you are standing over a floor with this exact pattern.

    18. Don't you hate it when you get an alien stuck beneath your skin?