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The 26 Most Annoying Things About Working In An Office

As suggested by this study, and this thread on Facebook.

1. Noisy typers.

2. Noisy eaters.

3. Lift awkwardness.

4. People who leave the kitchen looking like this.

5. And allow their desks to become like this.

6. Having to spend the first half of every Monday answering the exact same question.

Would it be so wrong to just hand these out instead?

7. Martyrs who insist on hauling themselves into work despite being infectiously ill.

8. Endless birthday whip-rounds.

9. And leaving dos.

10. Both of which always involve debilitating amounts of cake.

11. And then, once a year, it's your turn — which means sitting there while people sing "Happy Birthday" to you. Because that's not awkward at all.

12. People who don't get back to you.

13. Though at least that's preferable to receiving emails that make no sense whatsoever.

14. Meetings that drag on forever and make you daydream about doing this.

15. People who make unnecessary noise.

16. People who bring their babies into work.

17. Pranks.

18. Corporate jargon.

19. Stupid buzzwords.

20. Workmates who are clueless about technology.

21. Touchy-feely company slogans.

22. Colleagues who send emails, despite sitting right next to you.

23. Smug, annoyingly healthy people.

You know the type. They cycled to work this morning, do yoga at their desk, and will probably go for a run at lunch.

So while you're hungover, dolefully chomping through one of these.

They've got a drawer full of these.

24. Colleagues who don't pull their weight in key areas and therefore deserve to be shamed.

25. Appraisals.

26. And coworkers who are permanently stressed.

Still, you've got to look on the bright side. Only another few hours to go, and then...