Meet The Street Artist Turning London's Rubbish Into Art

    Trash takes on new meaning in this guy's hands.

    Francisco de Pajaro likes to trawl the streets around London's Brick Lane, doing creative things with refuse.

    His work is ephemeral, since it generally gets cleared away in the morning.

    So if you ever see it, count yourself lucky.

    Francisco prefers to be known as "Art Is Trash", and has already built up a loyal following in his native Spain.

    In fact, it's Spain's restrictive attitude towards street art that inspired his technique.

    In a recent interview with Global Street Art, Fransisco explained:

    Rubbish is the only legal place you can make art on the street. There was a law in 2006 in Barcelona which outlawed painting on the street, suddenly all of the freedom was eliminated — all the best artists from Barcelona left. I couldn't paint on the floor, on the walls, anywhere, but I had a need to express myself, so where?

    He further explained: "Art is Trash is a provocation, it’s pushing the extremes of what people expect."

    So far, he has found London to be more receptive to his art.

    "Here the police are different, they are more tolerant, here they see it and they say: “Hey okay, it’s rubbish, it’s intelligent.”

    Why does he work with rubbish? "It’s a portrayal of the monstrous side of humanity. I think that trash is a true place to express yourself."

    You can see an exhibition of Fransciso's work at West Bank London. H/t So Bad, So Good.