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    26 Ludicrous Catwalk Fashions

    These photos will make you delighted not to be fashionable.

    1. This dress that looks like a balloon full of Smarties.

    2. This haute couture straitjacket.

    3. This mouth... thing.

    4. This uncomfortable looking... gimp suit?

    5. This sartorial tribute to breakfast.

    6. This tribute to a young Michael Jackson.

    7. These chaps wearing jaunty gas masks.

    8. This massive handbag.

    9. This deeply impractical hairdo.

    10. These not-very-sensible shoes.

    11. And these ones.

    12. And these ones.

    13. These ones, too.

    14. These people dressed as Dolly Mixtures.

    15. This look, seemingly inspired by Marvel Comics' Green Goblin.

    16. This woman with a headdress modelled on a Walnut Whip.

    17. This trendsetter with a mouth on top of her head.

    18. This debonair chap wearing concertina-style trousers.

    19. This fella with a trendy third arm.

    20. This style icon wearing a Pacman helmet.

    21. This fearless innovator who is apparently channeling Alf.

    22. This woman who is remaining stony faced, despite having teddy bears sprouting from her torso.

    23. These mannequins that are so fashionable they have burst into flames.

    24. This woman who's carrying another woman inside her duffel coat.

    25. This lady with a Muppet adorning her crotch.

    26. And this woman dressed as Chewbacca.