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    Life As A Music Fan, Then Vs. Now

    Everything has changed. Well, almost everything.

    1. Making playlists then.


    Making playlists now.

    2. The thrill of live music then.

    And now.

    3. Record shopping.

    4. Buying gig tickets then.

    Buying gig tickets now.

    5. Joining the fan club then.

    And today's equivalent.

    6. Deciding what music to buy then, stage one.

    Stage two.

    But now it's just this.

    7. Music discovery then.

    Music discovery now.

    8. Number one albums, then and now.

    9. The price of an album then.

    10. The price of an album now.

    11. Music TV then.

    Music TV now.

    12. Total album sales in 1999.

    Total album sales in 2012.

    13. Disaster then.

    Disaster now.

    14. The 'emotional ballad' moment at a gig.

    15. Music on-the-go.


    16. Your entire music collection then.

    Your entire music collection now.

    17. Finding out the name of a song then.

    And now.

    18. Learning the lyrics then.

    And now.

    19. When you heard your favourite song then.

    And when you hear it now.

    20. Your attitude - then, now and always.

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