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    Posted on Oct 26, 2016

    I Showed A Bunch Of Mad Brexit Headlines To People From 12 Countries

    What do BuzzFeed writers around the world make of Brexit Britain? TL;DR: Everyone thinks we've lost our minds.

    1. The government hopes to boost British exports in the wake of Brexit. The Department for International Trade tweeted about the possibility of exporting "innovative British jams and marmalades" to France.

    Daily Telegraph / Via

    Javier (Mexico): "This is written by Monty Python, right?"

    Scott (USA): "This sounds like an idea that a young child would come up with."

    Sonia (India): "Reminds me of a classic Bollywood scene where these characters miss India and are genuinely afraid of what British culture might do to their kids."

    Rafael (Brazil): "Innovative how? Like robotic self-spreading jams and marmalades? I would import that."

    Pierre (France): "You know we already have Marks & Spencer on this side of the channel? Thanks, but we're good."

    2. Once the UK has left the EU it will need to negotiate new trade deals all over the world. A number of MPs have suggested bringing back the royal yacht – which was decommissioned in the '90s – as a sort of floating trade office.

    Daily Telegraph / Via

    Sebastian (Germany): "Maybe they also can exhume Francis Drake to restore the empire's power on the sea. Has everyone lost their minds?"

    Alfredo (Spain): "So that's where the £350 million will go. On a fancy yacht. Classy, Britain."

    Sonia (India): "If you do this, it should stay away from India. It was embarrassing when you left the last time."

    Victor (Russia): "Have you guys heard about digital communication? Email works just fine, you know."

    Mark (Australia): "+1 India. On several levels foreigners in boats do not mix with Australia."

    3. A Conservative politician started a petition calling for any British person supporting EU membership to be jailed for treason. / Via Daily Telegraph

    Scott (USA): "My only response to this is that I clearly died at some point earlier this year and my consciousness is now trapped in a parallel plane of existence that's been entirely scripted by George Orwell."

    Sonia (India): "Honestly, we're facing similar stuff in India and I feel your pain. This can get too real too soon. Be wary of men like this."

    Pierre (France): "And they say the US is crazy."

    Eimi (Japan): "Whatever happened to democracy?"

    Mark (Australia): "A travelling boat? Treasonous convicts? THE BRITISH EMPIRE IS BACK, BABY!"

    4. At the Conservative party conference, the government proposed a raft of anti-immigration measures, including a plan to name and shame companies that employ foreign workers.

    The Times

    Sebastian (Germany): "As a German this reminds me of the darkest moments in our history. I can't even joke about it."

    Conz (Argentina): "My family fled Europe during the war and landed in Argentina. I am now an immigrant in the US. This wave of anti-immigration breaks my heart. We are not all rapists and murderers and drug dealers or sketchy and scary. We all have different reasons why we left the countries we were born in, and all work hard to feel at home and get used to a culture that's not ours. We are not here to take what is yours, we are here to make everything better for you and for us."

    Scott (USA): "When do they break out the coloured armbands?"

    Mark (Australia): "This is not even a dog-whistle, it's a foghorn. For all the talk of 'Australian-style' immigration policies around Brexit, we wouldn't go here. The UK is better than this."

    5. Foreign-born doctors have also come under fire. In an interview with the BBC, prime minister Theresa May said they would only be allowed to remain in the UK for an “interim period” until sufficient numbers of native Brits had been trained up.

    Daily Mail, The Guardian / Via

    Conz (Argentina): "This just made me sigh really hard."

    Caira (USA): "Patients at risk from what? Catching foreignness?"

    Alfredo (Spain): "So when Brits come to Spain for free healthcare, would it also be mandatory that they are treated by British doctors? Is Theresa May sending them to the Spanish coast?"

    Eimi (Japan): "How are the 'native Brit' doctors different from foreign-born doctors? I mean, aren't they trained to become doctors in the same manner?"

    Mark (Australia): "We'll take your doctors if you take more of our drunken backpackers, deal?"

    6. Some are arguing that the terms of Brexit should be debated in parliament. The Daily Mail called these people "whingeing, contemptuous, unpatriotic". Meanwhile, the Daily Express suggested anyone wishing to scrutinise Brexit should be jailed: "Such snake-like treachery cannot go unpunished."

    Daily Express / Via Twitter: @HutchinsonDave, Daily Mail / Via Twitter: @HutchinsonDave

    Victor (Russia): "These headlines are just like Kremlin-style propaganda we have in Russia. Do you really want to go in this direction?"

    Sebastian (Germany): "What I learned in school about democracy: The majority has to respect the minority, and vice versa. Making compromises is key to keeping a country united."

    Scott (USA): "It's amazing they were writing about Brexit back in the 1920s. Wait – what era do these papers come from?"

    Rafael (Brazil): "I think the Daily Mail should stick to reporting on Kim Kardashian's Instagram."

    7. A key promise made by Brexit campaigners was that, if we left the EU, we could save £350 million a week and spend it on the NHS. However, last week, the prime minister announced there would be no new money for the NHS. In fact, services are likely to be cut., Jack Taylor / Getty Images

    Caira (USA): "If you read it on a bus, it must be true."

    Rafael (Brazil): "That's okay, but are you at least going to build some kind of big, beautiful wall?"

    Zainab (Pakistan): "I didn't buy that for a second. Just like I don't buy anything Trump says."

    Mark (Australia): "This is actually outrageous. But for real, take some of those jewels in the Tower of London and flog 'em on eBay. Dissolve the monarchy and melt their gold."

    8. Since Britain voted to leave the EU, the pound has fallen to its lowest value ever, making it the worst-performing currency in the world this year.

    WSJ / Via Twitter: @Chris_Whittall, Daily Telegraph / Via

    Javier (Mexico): "It could be worse. You could earn in Mexican pesos."

    Zainab (Pakistan): "Pretty scary, considering the pound was considered the gold standard for me growing up in Pakistan."

    Pierre (France): "Isn't that going to make my holiday trips to London cheaper? So yay, I guess?"

    Victor (Russia): "Finally a competitor for the ruble. It's more fun to fall together. Let's do this."

    Mark (Australia): "So Britain voted for something which left you more confused, divided, and poorer... I only have one question: Where can I buy some sterling?"

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