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    31 Glorious Things About The British Bank Holiday

    Three. Whole. Days.

    1. For the British worker, the latter part of the year is a remorseless trudge, with not a single public holiday from the end of August until Christmas.

    2. It often feels like it's all work, no play, and there's not much to look forward to.

    3. But the first half of the year is different, because it's full of sweet, sweet bank holiday weekends.

    4. There are so many, in fact, you can sometimes lose track of when the next one is due.

    5. Then one of your workmates reminds you there's one coming up, and a wave of exhilaration hits you.

    6. So Friday afternoon arrives, and you race to get your work finished on time.

    7. People send you emails, but since the entire country is winding down for a holiday, there's no point replying.

    8. But if you did reply, the gist of your email would be this.

    9. Then 6pm arrives, and the entire nation as one exalts in its freedom.

    10. Three-day weekend! So exciting, it's hard to know what to do with yourself.

    11. The pubs start to overflow, as people spill out on to the pavement.

    12. What'll you have? Pint?

    13. G and T?

    14. Vodka and Red Bull?

    15. It doesn't matter. Because it's the start of a bank holiday, so all booze is consequence-free. The most delicious kind.

    16. Sure, you'll feel rough in the morning.

    17. But it's OK, cos you can just go back to sleep! All day if you like. Nothing important happens on a bank holiday Saturday.

    18. Ah, the blissful sleep of a bank holiday Saturday, with so much leisure time stretching before you.

    19. So what will you do? You could go clubbing all weekend, if that's your thing.

    (Reach for the lasers).

    20. You could have a barbecue.

    Admittedly that's always better in theory than in practice, but still.

    21. Or go for a delightful picnic.

    22. Or head for the seaside. There's definitely no chance you'll regret that.

    23. Or go see your friends.

    24. Or play video games in the garden.

    25. Or just ride round and round on the tube, marveling in the fact that it's completely empty and silent.

    26. Basically you can do as you please. Because this is a British bank holiday, and you are free. FREE!

    27. But the best thing about bank holiday weekends? No Sunday dread!

    28. And, OK, inevitably the whole beautiful thing will be over before you know it.

    29. It'll be Tuesday morning, and you'll feel three days went too quickly.

    30. But there's no need to be depressed, because you know what?

    31. It's only a four day week!