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12 Aussies Reveal What They Love And Hate About Britain

Love? "Nandos." Hate? "You treat us like your little sibling."

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"Godddamn I love Wetherspoons. The cocktails are so cheap, the food is great and we don't have an Aussie equivalent. Please relocate ALL of the Wetherspoons to Australia immediately please."


TBH I could fill a whole notebook with things I love. Blame it on my obsession with your TV/movies/books (Though I've seen way too many British buttholes thanks to Embarrassing Bodies).



"You are responsible for the Gallagher brothers who are probably the funniest / most horrible people in the music industry.

"I have been to London and never have I known a nation to whine as much as Australia. I don't know why I'm surprised we share the same characteristics."


"It's been said before and I'll say it again - the English accent is damn sexy. And yes, ALL English accents, including the rough and tough sounding ones. That's where my second love of all English swears originates."



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"Bake Off is the greatest thing in the world. That is a scientific fact. Mary Berry please adopt me.

"Katie Hopkins? I just remember reading headlines and thinking, 'Oh England launched their own version of The Onion'?"

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