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39 Things Rich Teenagers Love

"Always make sure to tip your pilot and co-pilot 10k."

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1. This method of drinking vodka.

2. Popping corks.

3. Using a black American Express card.

4. Taking selfies while driving an Aston Martin through Kensington.

5. Luxury cars.

6. Having a driveway full of luxury cars.

7. Personalised number plates.

9. Really long hashtags.

10. Really long, ill-advised hashtags.

11. Leaving large tips.

12. Spending 400,000 euros on a night out in Cannes.

13. Booking a jet via Uber.


15. Calling people "peasants".

16. Or "serfs".

17. Posing for photos like this.

18. A limited edition "champagne gold" iPhone.

19. Diamond- and gold-encrusted headphones.

21. Lampstands shaped like guns.

22. Monday mornings.

23. Weekends.

24. And bank holidays.

25. Draping a Rolex over the hood ornament of a Rolls-Royce.

26. Filling the toilet bowl with San Pellegrino.

29. Decorating hotel rooms with stuffed zebras.

30. Motivational quotes.

31. Really massive bottles of vodka.

32. Really massive bottles of champagne.

33. Really massive bottles of champagne.

34. Pouring champagne on their heads.

35. Pouring champagne into the bathtub.

36. Golden champagne bottles.

37. Dringing golden champagne bottles underwater.

38. Drinking champagne through a funnel.

But what do rich teenagers love above all else?

39. Well, cash, obviously.

h/t Rich Kids of Instagram for surfacing most of these.