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24 Times Private Eye Nailed It In 2014

There was so much to mock this year. Private Eye did not let us down.

1. On the awkwardness of Ed Miliband.

2. On England's World Cup hopes.

3. On the rise of UKIP.

4. On the Church of England.

5. On The Sun's beef with Russell Brand.

6. On government spending.

7. On the Labour leadership.

8. On rip-off energy prices.

9. On George Osborne's deficit reduction plans.

10. On UKIP's campaign strategy.

11. On London vs the rest of the country.

12. On NHS spending.

13. On poverty.

14. On foreign policy.

15. On the government's response to the floods.

16. On Fleet Street.

17. On defections.

18. On David Cameron's public image.

19. On the Middle East.

20. On the phone-hacking trial.

21. On Jeremy Clarkson.

22. On Vladimir Putin.

23. On the rest of the media.

24. And, finally, this delightful cartoon by Richard Jolley.