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    Posted on Jun 13, 2013

    10 Mystifying Examples Of "Erotic" Fan Fiction

    Warning: includes politicians. The photos are safe for work, the words aren't. And yes, these are all (frighteningly) real.

    1. Phil Collins.

    Getty / Via

    2. Brian Cox and Stephen Fry.

    3. Downton Abbey.

    Getty / Via

    4. Boris Johnson.

    5. Ant and Dec.

    6. Top Gear.

    Via Getty

    Via Top Gear Fan Fiction, which has since been deleted, but has been preserved for posterity by Sabotage Times.

    7. Olly Murs.

    Getty / Via

    8. Chad Kroeger and Nicolas Cage.

    9. Bon Iver.

    10. Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

    Getty/Jeremy Selwyn - WPA Pool / Via

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