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    44 Things You'll Know From Playing "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time" As A Child


    It is often stated that The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is the greatest game of all time.

    From the music to the temples to the storyline, EVERYTHING WAS EPIC. So let's go back and experience it all again.

    1. That opening title.

    The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time [N64-GC-N3DS] #Intro #Opening #Videojuegos

    The music still sends shivers down my spine.

    2. The opening dream sequence which instantly told you that shit was gonna go down.

    3. When Link was being lazy AF and you now totally relate.

    4. Navi's "Hey, listen!" still pops up in your mind.

    5. Exploring Kokiri forest for the first time!

    6. And being killed by these fuckers.

    7. Bumping into these lil' guys all the time.


    9. And once you'd killed Gohma, you had to experience one of your earliest gaming deaths: The Deku Tree.

    10. And on top of that, you had to leave your BFF.

    11. But you were free and had your first encounter with the owl!

    12. Getting to Hyrule Castle and sneaking past the guards.

    13. And having your first encounter with Zelda was damn memorable.

    14. But that encounter also gave you trust issues.

    15. Playing the ocarina for the first time was an experience you won't forget.

    16. Opening a chest was also ridiculously exciting.

    17. Breaking pots let you get out your ~anger~.

    18. Cuccos attacking you was always a delight.

    19. Once you got to Goron City you were always asked interesting questions.

    20. And also being exposed to dodgy ideas.

    21. But the Gorons did mean well, I guess.

    22. You'll never forget being sucked into Jabu Jabu's belly.

    23. And meeting an iconic diva princess while in the belly.

    24. The Lost Woods bring ups a lot of bad memories.

    25. Mainly because of this little shit.

    26. Collecting the three spiritual stones and wondering " this it???"

    27. Life was changed when you lifted the Master Sword for the first time.

    28. Sheik then appeared and your mind was blown.

    29. And Sheik also provided some of those poignant moments in the game.

    30. You then instantly went to save Epona from Lon Lon Ranch and felt majorly cool.

    31. The Poes at the Forest Temple were super creepy.

    32. The Fire Temple's boss was... very confusing.

    33. The Water Temple, you divisive fucker.

    34. Dark Link blew your mind though.

    35. The ladies of Gerudo were great. And gave zero fucks.

    36. The Desert Temple gave you your first experience of fabulous drag queens.

    37. And just before entering the Shadow Temple was the last time you weren't terrified every night when you slept.

    38. Because of this...

    39. But the image of the six sages coming together was beautiful.

    40. Which led to you entering Hyrule Castle for the big showdown.

    41. And it was pretty cool...

    42. OK, it was super cool.

    43. You'd saved Zelda and Hyrule and everything was back to normal again.

    44. But you definitely continued to play again and again.


    An earlier version of this post used two images from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, these have now been updated.