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28 Times People Were So Epically Lazy You'll Actually Be Impressed

Words here words here words here. And here, too.

1. When this person just wanted to get the bottle opener without moving.

2. When FaceTiming the pizza was easier than checking it.

3. When vacuuming just wasn't going to happen.

4. When the new roll was too much effort.

5. Hell, when all the new rolls were just too much effort.

6. And so was getting rid of the old one.

7. When a clean cup required too much energy.

when you're too lazy to wash out a cup

8. And so did the dish.

9. You should never buy a bowl again.

10. When going to buy a new razor just didn't feel worth it.

11. When the beer was more important than the child.

12. And so was the food.

13. When making the chair would just take too much time.

14. When someone came up with this way to get cans into the right place.

15. When Christmas lights just weren't necessary.

16. When the light was way, way too far away.

17. When this was just as good as a doorstop.

18. When the sticker was too much of a barrier.

19. And holding things was so hard to do.

20. So, so hard to do.

21. When sitting up to use the computer just wasn't the way this day was going to go.

22. Sitting up is the worst.

23. And so is standing.

24. When the quickest way to do homework was discovered.

25. When two was easier than five.

26. When going outside was just not happening.

27. Ever.

28. Finally, when everyone is just peak lazy.