How Unhealthy Is Your Relationship With Your Smartphone?

BRB, checking my messages.

  1. How many of these are true for you?
    1. 1 Do you spend more time on your phone than with your friends IRL?
    2. 2 Your best friend?
    3. 3 Your family?
    4. 4 Your pet?
    5. 5 Your significant other?
    6. 6 Do you frequently use it while talking to people in real life?
    7. 7 Do you wake up in the middle of the night to check it?
    8. 8 Do you use it immediately before going to sleep?
    9. 9 Is the ‘phone stack’ is the worst thing that can happen to you in a restaurant?
    10. 10 Have you lied about waiting for an important work call to stay on your phone?
    11. 11 An important work email?
    12. 12 An important work tweet?
    13. 13 Do you get nervous when you can’t see your phone?
    14. 14 Is leaving it at home a daily fear?
    15. 15 Have you broken your screen and carried on using it?
    16. 16 Despite getting glass cuts?
    17. 17 Is app management a time-consuming hobby of yours?
    18. 18 Do you panic when you think you’ve lost your phone?
    19. 19 Every day?
    20. 20 Then realise it’s in your hand?
    21. 21 Is the most stressful part of a flight that you have to turn your phone off?
    22. 22 Are notifications bursts of life-affirming energy for you?
    23. 23 Have you mastered walking and texting?
    24. 24 Talking and texting?
    25. 25 Are you just pretending to have mastered both?
    26. 26 Do you ever have to wait to respond to a text so you look more normal?
    27. 27 Have you ever left a night out to go home and charge your phone?
    28. 28 Or left it behind a bar to charge?
    29. 29 Before becoming nervous that you hadn’t checked it in a while and getting it back?
    30. 30 Have you ever checked your phone in a meeting?
    31. 31 At a doctor’s appointment?
    32. 32 During sex?
    33. 33 Does having no notifications when you do check cause you emotional pain?
    34. 34 Do you have a backup phone?
    35. 35 Two backup phones?
    36. 36 Multiple backup phones in multiple locations?
    37. 37 Do you ever think you feel your phone vibrate when it actually hasn’t?
    38. 38 And do you start using it regardless?
    39. 39 Does your phone know more about you than anyone else in your life?
    40. 40 Does losing it suddenly mean you start to forget everything?
    41. 41 Is running out of battery your main concern when going on a night out?
    42. 42 Have you ever asked a stranger to charge your phone?
    43. 43 When it dies, do you feel disconnected from reality?
    44. 44 Are you not able to really enjoy something unless you’ve told Facebook about it?
    45. 45 Are you not able to really enjoy something unless you’ve Instagrammed it?
    46. 46 If you don’t have it do you feel generally scared of the world?
    47. 47 Do you know where it is right now?
    48. 48 Have you checked it during this quiz?
    49. 49 Do you want to check it right now?

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Luke Bailey is a senior editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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