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23 Things You Can Do To Immediately Annoy A British Person

We won't mention it, but we'll be really rather put out.

1. Asking someone from the North, "Is that near London?"

2. Saying to a Scottish person, "Is that in England?"

3. Saying to a Welsh person, "Is that in England?"

4. Saying to an Irish person, "Is that in England?"

5. Actually telling someone when they ask how you are.

6. Making any sort of 'Keep Calm' poster.

7. Assuming Eurovision is an important event for us.

8. Not buying your round.

9. Drinking too fast or too slow, and throwing the rhythm of the round off.

10. Writing cidre instead of cider.

11. Complaining in a restaurant.

12. Directly telling someone what you want from them.

13. Assuming we're big fans of the Royals.

14. Assuming that you can criticise the Royals.

15. Not appreciating the etiquette of queuing.

16. Assuming the British primarily watch British period dramas.

17. Assuming the British live like British period dramas.

18. Soccer.

19. Attempting to imitate an accent.

20. Attempting to imitate the wrong accent.

21. Referring to anything as 'quaint', 'olde-worlde', or 'whimsical'.

22. Dismissing British food as boring.

23. Canceling a Piers Morgan TV show and encouraging him to return to the U.K.