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Sean Bean's Reddit AMA Was Everything You Could Hope For

He told an epic Nicolas Cage story and appeared to confirm a Game of Thrones fan theory.

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He may have been appearing to promote his new show, Legends, but started by seeming to confirm a major fan theory in Game of Thrones.

And he certainly seems pretty convinced.

Though it might just be because he doesn't really like Jon Snow.

He went on to talk about some other things he enjoyed from the series.

He also gave his prediction for the final victor.

Apparently, he's often confused for the other Mr Bean.

He gave some advice to fans.

He cleared up some rumours.

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He has a great backup plan if the acting thing doesn't pan out.

He defended his famously high movie death rate.

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He told some great stories about things that happened to him on set.

And apparently, Ali Larter smells nice.

He also confirmed exactly how much he missed Yorkshire.



Though he had big ideas for London.

He also confirmed that he was very aware of his most famous line.

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But mainly he talked about food. To himself.

Seriously, everything came back to food.

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But the highlight, undoubtedly, was this anecdote about Nicolas Cage.