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35 Ways Grandparents Totally Won Facebook In 2014

You'll never be as good at social media as they are.

1. They weren't afraid to share their problems. And a problem shared with Kmart is a problem halved.

2. They'll share their opinions as well.

3. They weren't afraid to let the world know when important shit was going down.

4. Whatever it is.

5. There's no niche they won't explore when they have a burning question.

6. And they searched high and low for answers to the important questions.

Advil was never actually able to answer this question.

7. Because they won't let anything get in the way of an important order.

8. There's also the little things they do that show they care, like taking some time out to appreciate Ruby Tuesday.

9. And if they care enough to say it once, they care enough to say it four times.

10. They spice up political rants with recipes in the middle.

That are actually kinda low on spices.

11. They want to know whether to #pray4Jasper.

12. They hold people to account.

Don't bring that weak shit into Jack's house, Kmart.

13. And make them do what they really should be doing.

14. And Ellen pulled no punches either.

15. They speak their truth, and they don't hold back.

16. So they are truly honest when you need them to be.

17. They love without conditions, and they need you to know it.

18. But if you offend them, you will feel their wrath.

19. They will drop FIRE.

20. Or even eliminate you.

21. They can hold a grudge too.

22. But they will support you when you most need it.

23. Especially if you're global mega-corporation Subway.

24. Of course, it doesn't always work.

25. They will teach you manners. It isn't Rihanna's fault, after all.

26. Like thanking people.

Do you thank restaurants for your food? No, you don't, which is why you'll never be a truly good person.

27. And showing appreciation for a really great joke.

See that? That's expressing a sincere interest. No tapping of the like button and moving on for them.


29. They just want to be friends.

30. But the main reason 2014 was the year of grandparents on Facebook? It was when they discovered the magic of Grandmaster Flash.

31. Over...

32. And over...

33. And over...

34. And over.

35. Though they hang with other rappers as well.